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Sir David Akers-Jones, Dr Allan Zeman, dear friends, guests, supporters, and press, Thank you very much for attending today’s news conference. First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the enduring support I have received from my previous supervisor Sir David Akers-Jones and my great friend Dr Allan Zeman. It is a great honour to have them as my special advisors for this election campaign. I must also thank Dr. Louis Shih, Mrs Peggy Lam, the New People’s Party’s Deputy Chair Hon. Mr Michael Tien, Vice-chair Mr Pun Kwok-shan, legislative councilor Hon. Ms Eunice Yung and our numerous district councilors for their support and endorsement. And I would like to extend my thanks to members of my alma mater St. Stephen's Girls' College, including the principal, the vice-principal, my teachers Mrs Alice Lam and Mrs Judy Chua and alumni of St. Stephen’s Girls’ College, as well as my schoolmates from the University of Hong Kong, Stanford University, and the University of Glasgow. They have kept watch over me since I was a young girl and their encouragement and attentive nurture has brought me to where I am today. I would like to thank my former colleagues from my days in the government, including my former fellow Administrative Officers (AOs) and various former heads and officers of disciplined services. They have influenced my work and my career immensely over the years.

Now let me introduce my campaign team. In addition to my special advisors Sir David Aker-Jones and Dr Allan Zeman, I am very glad to have Ms Miranda Chiu joining our team as the Campaign Manager. Ms Chiu is an experienced former AO. Despite her absence today due to family matters, she has been providing full support to the campaign efforts all along.


Last evening (14th December), the New People’s Party called an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) as stipulated by the party’s constitution, sanctioning my participation, in my own capacity, in the upcoming Chief Executive election. I must say I am indebted to the support I have received from all of you who attended this press conference. I look forward to winning back Hong Kong with your support.

Step forward at the critical moment
to lead Hong Kong to a better future

When I spoke to my supporters and friends from the civil service, we all agreed that we – the post-war generation, born and bred in Hong Kong, having built our careers and families in this beautiful city - have benefitted immensely from the economic boom in Hong Kong. Undeniably, because of globalisation and the digital revolution, Hong Kong’s economic slowdown and widening wealth gap, the prospects for the middle class and the young generation nowadays are much less optimistic. We all want to contribute and give back to Hong Kong and stop Hong Kong’s development from further decline. It is our sincere hope that we can pave a broader path for future generations with our collective experience and strengths.

Over the past few years, the rejection of the political reform proposal, 79 days of occupy movement and the recent controversy surrounding LegCo’s oath-taking saga have led to unprecedented division and hostility among Hong Kong’s society. The relationship between the executive and the legislature is deteriorating. Hong Kong-Mainland relations are poisoned with antagonism and ideas of separation/Hong Kong independence are slowly fermenting. Hong Kong’s image in the international community suffers. These predicaments that plague our lovely city cause pain to every heart that wishes the best for Hong Kong.

Like every Hong Kong citizen, I wish the Hong Kong we all love can be put back on the right track. As long as there is trust amongst ourselves, with society being harmonious and our youth being given the opportunity to fulfil their potential, Hong Kong can shine even brighter than our historical golden days. I feel my call is to stand forward and walk the extra mile for Hong Kong, leading Hong Kong to the better future that it deserves, hence my decision to run in this election.

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