Regina Ip meets Universal Suffrage Alliance Doctors
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The constitutional reform package unveiled on 31 August 2014 was a rightful resolution and could not be withdrawn, but Chief Executive candidate Mrs. Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee said as time progresses along with social development, the NPCSC might be able to make new decisions to assist Hong Kong to move to universal suffrage of the Chief Executive.

“If we insist to have the ‘831 Decision’ overthrown as the starting point, we will not be able to open up any reasonable discussions. If I were elected, I would accurately reflect the true opinions of the Hong Kong people to the People’s Republic of China, and strive to move forward on constitutional development.” She said.

Mrs. Ip made the comments during a meeting with medical sub-sector Election Committee members from the Universal Suffrage Alliance Doctors earlier in the week (23 January). They also discussed the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016 and population policy.

“I can understand doctors’ distrust towards the current administration and their participation in the ‘Occupy Central’ movement to express their frustration. Therefore, fostering social harmony will have to be amongst the next administration’s priority. On the other hand, I also agree the government should conduct a comprehensive review of the population policy, particularly in exploring whether there is any room to reduce the number of daily new arrivals.” Mrs. Ip added.

“I need to thank Dr. Au Yiu Kai for arranging this meeting and also to all the doctors who took precious time out of their schedule to meet with me. This meeting is a good start and I hope to have more opportunities in the future to exchange ideas with the doctors.” Mrs. Ip concluded.

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