Regina Ip meets with independent pro-establishment legislators
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Chief Executive candidate Mrs. Regina Ip told independent legislators in the pro-establishment camp that she would include people from the non-establishment camp in governance of Hong Kong as long as they upheld the Basic Law.

The independent legislators, included Mr. Andrew Liao, Mr. Paul Chan, Mr. Ma Fung-kwok and Mr. Yiu Si-wing. Election Committee members Mr. Tony Tse and Mr. Ng Leung-sing also attended the meeting.

After thanking Mr. Liao for setting up the meeting, Mrs. Ip introduced her policy vision and platform to the participants, who represented different sectors.

“Politically, I believe our society needs to take a respite to overcome the current social polarisation. If I am elected, I will focus on achieving social harmony and improving the executive-legislative relationship by engaging people from the non-establishment camp in governance as long as they uphold the Basic Law. Also, I will actively promote economic development and enhance Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness. After listening to Election Committee members from various sectors, I have formulated the following proposals:

“The government should set up a Department of SME Development to provide one-stop services for SMEs. SMEs across all sectors face high costs and the current government support is inadequate. The proposed department could help SMEs use technology to increase productivity and competitiveness.

“In addition, the government should establish a Shipping, Logistics and Ports Authority to handle shipping and logistics matters, and an Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs to resolve problems with Chinese learning, schooling and employment for ethnic minorities.

“Currently, some policy bureaux are overloaded. I have a series of government restructuring proposals, such as putting land and housing under the purview of one bureau.

“Regarding the MPF offsetting mechanism, I suggest the government shoulder the offset benefits incurred before a certain date. In the long run, a Central Provident Fund should be established.”

Mrs. Ip stressed that she would address all Hong Kong citizens, Election Committee members and the Central Government in her campaign efforts. She hoped that the election could help unite people from various sectors.

The legislators and electors at the meeting welcomed Mrs. Ip’s decision to run in the election and expressed recognition of her commitment and determination. They agreed that there should be a competitive election.

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