Regina Ip meets with the Hong Kong Buddhist Association
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Hong Kong’s future development hinges on three relationships: Hong Kong-Mainland relationship, the Executive-Legislative relationship, and the government-citizens’ relationship. This is the formula, Chief Executive candidate Mrs. Regina ip presented to the Election Committee members representing the Hong Kong Buddhist Association earlier in the week (25 January).

“If I am elected as the Chief Executive, I will do my best to improve these three relationships, forge consensus and promote social harmony.” she said.

The attending Buddhist masters and householders expressed their hope for a good leader. Mrs. Ip said, “I also hope that Hong Kong could elect a good leader to improve people’s lives. Among the four candidates, I am the only one who has experience in direct elections. Over the past ten years, I have been in close touch with citizens from every walk of life to understand their needs. During my current campaign, I actively seek candid exchanges with different groups. If I am elected, I will use my experience as an elected legislator to bring the government closer to the people. I will follow the Buddhist teaching on softness in facilitating communication between Hong Kong and Mainland, between the executive and legislative branches, and between the government and citizens.”

The Association expressed concern about the future development of Buddhism in Hong Kong in view of the inadequate government support. To this Mrs. Ip replied, “The contribution of the Association in healthcare, social welfare, elderly care and education have been widely recognized. I believe the government will treat all religions on the same footing.”

In addition, the meeting discussed Hong Kong people’s livelihood issues. Mrs. Ip introduced her views on government restructuring, land and housing, healthcare, retirement protection, MPF offsetting mechanism, ageing population and development of Chinese medicine. She agreed with the Association on the need to review regulations and rules relating to columbaria and funeral services.

Mrs. Ip and her team will continue to meet various parties and organisations to explain her policy platform and seek support.

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